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Full Version: How to prevent Internet access when NAT32 isn't running?
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Some users may want to prevent the computer from accessing the Internet at times when NAT32 isn't running.

This can be achieved as follows:
  • Configure your Windows Internet interface to use a fixed IP address, no gateway and your normal DNS server address.
  • Configure NAT32 to use your gateway on that Internet interface.
  • Add these lines to your NAT32 user.txt file:
          ip p
          winroute add dmap pip
  • Add this line to your NAT32 exit.txt file:
         winroute delete dmap 

The above commands will make NAT32 add a default route to the Windows routing table on startup, and then delete that route on exit. With no default route, Windows cannot access the Internet. Access to local machines is unaffected.

NOTE: Manipulation of the Windows routing table requires privilege.

Applies to NAT32 Build 22248 (and later).