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Full Version: How to selectively route VPN traffic
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Some users might have access to the VPN server of their employer, or to a VPN server located in another country. When the VPN is connected, the following need arises:

One would like to ensure that only certain traffic is routed via the VPN connection, and that all other traffic is routed via the usual Internet connection.

NAT32 offers a simple way of achieving this:
  1. Configure NAT32 to use 2 Internet connections: your normal Internet connection and the VPN connection.
  2. Make the VPN connection the auxiliary Internet connection.
  3. Add the names of the sites that should use the VPN connection to the special list of the NAT32 DNS Resolver as described here.
From then on, all traffic to sites matching (or partially matching) those names will be routed via the VPN connection. All other traffic will be routed via the main Internet connection.