Interface Configuration
08-01-2014, 06:02 PM,
Interface Configuration
This dialog displays both the NAT32 TCP/IP settings and the Windows TCP/IP settings for a particular Adapter. Only the values in the NAT32 column can be modified, although you usually won't need to change anything there. The values in the Windows column are modified via the Windows Network Connections Control Panel applet, so if you need to change them, exit NAT32, make the changes and then start another NAT32 configuration run.

The checkboxes in the Options field let you specify whether the adapter is the Main adapter or an Auxiliary adapter. All Internet traffic usually flows via the Main adapter, but an Auxiliary adapter can be used either as a backup or for Connection Aggregation.

In most cases, the Windows IP address should be shared so ensure that the relevant checkbox is ticked.

Also in most cases, you would want NAT32 to monitor the adapter for address changes, so you should tick the relevant checkbox.

[Image: config1.gif]

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