XAMPP Control Panel
News [14. August, 2009]
The following versions are available: [2.3] [2.4] [2.5 (source code included)]
Features This small Windows GUI/Console app lets you start up to four XAMPP modules. It has the advantage that it can be closed after starting any of the modules and does not terminate Apache (or any other module) on exit. Version 2 will also Install/Delete services, and lets you start an Administration program for each module with a single mouse click. In addition, it even lets you run the XAMPP Control itself as a service, thus allowing you to start any module (including Mercury) as a service.
Configuration No configuration is required, simply copy the files xampp.exe and service.exe to the root directory of your XAMPP distribution (typically c:\xampp) and then run xampp.exe. You can then configure the XAMPP Control to run as a service if desired.
Screenshots Main Screen Service Settings Screen Help Screen
XAMPP Home The XAMPP Home page [English] [Deutsch]
MediaWiki How to install MediaWiki within XAMPP.

MediaWiki is the Wiki software used by the WikiPedia and it is surprisingly simple to configure under XAMPP. If you've been looking for Wiki software, MediaWiki is the way to go.

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