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Up and Running - nat32support - 08-02-2014

Once NAT32 is up and running, the following will have taken place:
  • Several .ini files will have been generated
  • The startup.txt file will have been executed
  • The user.txt file will not have been executed
The important .ini files are:
  • File nat32.ini: contains the full list of adapters, and their NAT32 Interface numbers
  • File ifn1.ini: contains the settings for Interface 1
  • File ifn2.ini: contains the settings for Interface 2
  • ...
  • File ifnn.ini: contains the settings for Interface n
While NAT32 is now fully functional, if you have special settings in your user.txt file, you should terminate NAT32 and re-run it.

From now on, NAT32 should be started as: C:\NAT32v2\nat32.exe n where n stands for the number of interfaces you previously configured NAT32 to use. For your convenience, a Shortcut with the label NAT32_RUN will have been placed on your Desktop.

You can now interact with NAT32 either through its Console window, or through its Web window or through a remote command line client (remote.exe).

While it is possible to run NAT32 as a service, it is recommended that you do not do this until you are sure you have correctly configured NAT32 to meet your requirements.