Connecting to a proxy
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(04-22-2016, 12:45 AM)Ravish98 Wrote: Hi,

I have Nat32 set up to use one LAN card as Private, and the other as Internet, this works fine. However, I would like to configure Nat32 to use the internet LAN card to connect to a SOCKS proxy, and route all traffic via the proxy. How can this be achieved?

Many thanks

While NAT32 does contain a SOCKS5 Server, it has no SOCKS5 Client that could connect to an external server. And even if it did have such a client, major changes would be needed to redirect traffic to that client. Because NAT32 is an IP Router, it can route packets from one address to another, but it can't redirect IP traffic to an application layer module (which is what a SOCKS client actually is) for subsequent transfer to its destination.

A similar situation would be one where a VPN connection is established to an external server and all traffic for the Internet is routed via the VPN. This works because the VPN connection is actually a network interface with its own IP address. It behaves just like any other Internet connection, and hence routing and mapping works correctly.

One possible solution might be to add a WIN32-TAP adapter to the system, and then write a client that listens at that adapter and does what you need. That client would be a small Winsock application that you could program in any language.

In fact, this is how OpenVPN works, only it is much more complicated because of its support for encryption and so on.

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