Getting Started
08-01-2014, 03:08 PM,
Getting Started
Once you have installed NAT32 on your computer, you start it by running: C:\NAT32v2\nat32.exe. This is called a configuration run and NAT32 will display a series of dialog boxes that allow you to configure it.

The first dialog to be displayed is the NAT32 Configuration dialog. It lets you check that you can ping a machine on the Internet and that you can ping your private machines. If any pings fail, you should click Exit and resolve the issue before proceeding with the configuration. If all is well, click Continue to display the Interface Selection dialog.

From this point on, NAT32 assumes that your networking hardware is working correctly and it must now be told which of the available Network Adapters are to be used and for which purpose.

[Image: welcome.gif]

Note that the above dialog will not appear if the WinPkFilter Driver is not available. In that case, NAT32 opens a Console window, switches it into Web Mode and then displays the About Page. From there you can install the WinPkFilter driver.

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