Interface Selection
08-01-2014, 05:31 PM,
Interface Selection
This dialog displays a list of all available adapters on your system. You choose an adapter you want NAT32 to use by selecting it and then clicking a Connection Type radio button.

To help you identify an adapter, select it and NAT32 will display the Adapter Description, the Adapter IP Address and its Windows Connection Name.

[Image: select.gif]

Here are a few guidelines for choosing Adapters:
  • To give private machines Internet access, select a private network adapter and then click the Private radio button.
  • To specify an Internet adapter, select it and then click the Internet radio button.
  • Remember, NAT32 supports multiple Internet adapters and multiple private adapters, so proceed as above until you have selected all the adapters that you want NAT32 to use.
  • Adapters that were not selected are ignored completely when NAT32 runs.
Once you are done, click the Continue... button. You will then be presented with a series of Interface Configuration dialogs, one for each selected adapter.

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