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amap - maintain the Action Mapping Table
amap [[add port "connect_str" "disconnect_str"]|[delete port]]
The Action Mapping Table is used to perform a specified action when an unsolicited TCP connection request arrives on an interface. It can also be used to perform a specified action when that TCP connection is closed.

Actions are specified as shell commands, and must be enclosed in quotes if they consist of two or more words. The connect string is typically used to add the needed gmap entry when running a VPN server on a private machine behind NAT32. The disconnect string is typically used to remove that gmap entry when the VPN connection closes.

Command amap is used to add or delete action strings for specified TCP ports.

If an entry for port already exists, the add operation will overwrite the existing entry.

Command amap with no arguments prints the current contents of the Action Mapping Table.

An action command may contain the special case-sensitive string $SRCIP that serves as a placeholder for the actual IP source address of the packet that triggered the mechanism. That IP address will be substituted in the action command prior to execution. In addition, the special string $GW denotes the NAT32 gateway address for the relevant interface. Note that it is not necessary that a gateway be configured under Windows for that interface.

Note that the mechanism does not trigger if no PPMAP Entry for the incoming TCP connection exists.

Also note that the disconnect action is not carried out until the PPMAP APM entry is aged from the APM Table.

apmap, pmap, ppmap, umap