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HOW TO fix RRAS Errors

HOW TO fix VPN Error 919

The Routing and Remote Access Service cannot be started because ICF is running.

More accurately, the RRAS service cannot be started if any presently or previously installed network interface has its IsFirewalled Connection Property set to TRUE. To fix this, run the following vbs script in the Windows Script Host:

set WMI = GetObject("WinMgmts:\root\Microsoft\HomeNet")
set objs = WMI.InstancesOf("HNet_ConnectionProperties")
for each obj in objs
obj.IsFirewalled = FALSE

Note that most users will never need to use the RRAS Service. A much simpler way of supporting incoming VPN connections is to add an Incoming Connections connection to Windows and then configuring its TCP/IP settings to use a range of static IP addresses. NAT32 will then forward the VPN traffic and perform the needed address translation and port mapping.

If a Windows Server operating system is used, up to 100 VPN connections are supported per default.

VPN connections from Windows 7 computers to certain Windows Server machines fail with Error 919.

Some versions of Windows Server come with MSCHAP Version 2 authentication support turned off. To turn it on, set the following Registry value to 0x00802702


Please click ServerFlags for the definitive explanation of the meaning of each ServerFlags bit.


Windows Server 2003 actually performs better than does Windows XP on small systems. The performance improvement is probably because the size of the Server 2003 Registry is considerably less than that of an XP system, particularly if no additional applications have been installed.


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