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setp - set the NAT32 Primary Interface
setp [ifn]
When invoked with no argument, setp prints the current Primary Interface Number. When invoked with one argument, setp sets the current Primary Interface Number to ifn.

The altered setting is not recorded. To make the setting permanent, open the Interface Settings dialog box for the desired interface and then check the Main Internet Interface checkbox. Alternatively, the command can be placed in file user.txt.

The NAT32 Primary Interface is the default Internet-connected interface used to send and receive packets from the Internet.

When more than one Internet-connected interface has been configured, a specific interface selection algorithm can be set via the setis command.

If argument ifn is specified as 0, the adapter list will be searched and the index of the first Internet interface found with a valid gateway address will be used.

The current value of the Primary Interface Number is always available in the environment variable p.

netcfg, setis, sets
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