Reference Manual


tcpc - interact with TCP connections
tcpc          # Close abandoned client connections
tcpc all      # Close all client connections
tcpc dev      # Close device
tcpck dev     # Check device
tcpk dev      # Kick  device
tcpa  dev     # Abort device
tcpa  all     # Abort all client connections
tcplq dev [n] # Get or set the listen queue size
tcptq         # Dump the timer queue
Command tcpc closes all abandoned client connections.

Command tcpc all closes all client connections.

Command tcpc dev closes the specified device.

Command tcpck dev checks the specified device.

Command tcpk dev kicks the specified device.

Command tcpa dev aborts the specified device.

Command tcpa all aborts all client connections.

Command tcplq dev [n] gets or sets the listen queue size.

Command tcptq dumps the TCP Timer Queue (used only for debugging).

An abandoned TCP connection is one for which the remote endpoint is no longer responding. Connections in the ESTABLISHED state are never considered to be abandoned. Such connections can be aborted as needed with command tcpa dev. Abortion simply deallocates the device's transmission control block.

Because abandoned connections consume device slots, the CRONTAB should contain a tcpc command to be executed each minute.

CRON, netstat