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url - process a URL
url  url [usercode password]
urlc url [usercode password]
urlw url [usercode password]
Command url processes the specified URL via the Windows WinINet API. The specified usercode and password will be used for either Proxy Authentication or Server Authentication. Because WinINet retains Proxy Authentication details for the lifetime of the Browser Process, if both Proxy Authentication and Server Authentication are required, the first time the command is used, a proxy usercode and password should be specified. All subsequent url commands may then specify a server usercode and password if needed. If the computer's Internet Connection details change during the lifetime of the application, a Proxy may request reauthentication.

The specified URL must be well-formed. In particular, partial URLs and relative URLs are not permitted.

The returned data is written to STDOUT and can be redirected or piped in the usual manner. Redirection to a browser device is particularly useful, because the data will be rendered by the host system's Web Browser (usually Internet Explorer).

Command urlc behaves exactly like url except that the returned data is copied as text to the Clipboard. It can subsequently be viewed using an editor, or rendered using command webcb.

Command urlw behaves exactly like urlc except that returned data is immediately rendered in a Browser window.

Command url fetches the specified URL without adding any additional Request Headers to the transmitted GET Request. In particular, Redirection and Cookies are prohibited, and no Referrer is sent.
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