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wpad - interact with the Web Proxy Auto-Discovery mechanisms
wpad [dns  [fname | on | off]]
wpad [dhcp [url   | on | off]]


Network administrators sometimes require that web clients use a proxy server to access the Web. Web Proxy Auto-Discovery enables web clients to obtain a proxy configuration file that specifies the name of a web proxy and how that proxy should be used.

Two discovery methods are commonly used:

The two forms of the wpad command allow one or both of the methods to be enabled or disabled.

The WPAD mechanism should be used with caution, because once a web client has been configured to use a proxy, it will continue to do so until told otherwise. Should the Internet connection change for any reason, the proxy may become unreachable and web access will be disrupted.

The default proxy.pac and wpad.dat files configure web clients to use NAT32's HTTPD.

WPAD Protocol, proxy.pac, wpad.dat, HTTPD