Reference Manual



hide - hide NAT32 windows
hide [icon | noicon] [name | dev]
show [name | dev] [max | min | default | restore]
Command hide hides the NAT32 console and Quick dialog, or the window specified by name or dev, placing an icon in the System Tray of the Windows Taskbar.

If noicon is specified, no NAT32 icon is shown in the System Tray. The user then has no further access to the NAT32 Console unless either the utility program show.exe is executed from a Windows Console, or NAT32 is restarted, or a Web Browser connects to the NAT32 HTTP Server.

If password checking is on, all of the above actions only complete if the correct password is entered.

If NAT32 is running as a service, its console can only be displayed if Desktop Interaction is enabled and the current user has sufficient privilege.

Command show places the NAT32 Console (or the window specified by name or dev) in the specified show state.

Command shrink minimizes the current NAT32 window.

Password Checking, Service Settings, Startup File