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password - print a password hint
user - print user details
pcheck - password checking switch
password [current [new]] Elevation required
pcheck [on | off]
Command password prints a password hint (if available).

If the current password is specified, it will be verified and the result printed.

If both the current password and a new password are specified, a hash of the new password will replace the value currently stored in the Windows Registry. Note that this operation requires elevation.

The current user details are:


The Username is the third value, and is always the Windows Account Name under which NAT32 is running. The fourth value is a password hint (if available).

Command pcheck turns password checking on or off. When password checking is on, the password must be entered to show or restore the Console window and the Quick dialog box.

The default password is nat32v2 for the Community Edition and the OEM Password for registered editions.

A password hint is only available for default passwords and for passwords that have been verified.

Forgotten passwords can be removed by deleting the following Registry value:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\NAT Software\NAT32v2\Password

NAT32 must be restarted if the password hash is ever deleted from the Registry. The default password will then apply.

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