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Ajax Network Neighborhood Viewer


nethood - display hosts in the network neighborhood    
nethood update | confirm | [clear [ifn]] | [add ip mac [name]] | [delete mac | index]


Display the table held on the NAT32 computer at this address:
Command nethood prints the contents of the Network Neighborhood Table.

Argument update attempts to populate empty name fields in the table by performing DNS lookups, SMB lookups and RDP probes. Because these operations can take some time to complete, the update is performed concurrently in thread NHUPDATE.

Argument clear will clear either the entire table, or only entries for the interface specified by option ifn.

Argument add adds an entry with the specified IP address, MAC address and (optionally) name.

Argument delete deletes the entry with the specified MAC address or table index.

The Network Neighborhood Table is populated with information gleaned from DNS, mDNS, LLMNR, DHCP, SMB, UPnP and ARP activity observed on network interfaces. All discovered devices are probed for Remote Desktop listeners.

If NAT32 is also running on some other computer on your network, viewing the table from that computer will provide access to all hosts to which that computer connects.

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